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Ideal for gift giving, this charming and colorful gift book inspires readers and gives them the words to express their heartfelt hopes and well wishes for their loved ones.
What do you wish for your friends and family? Greater joy? Fearless freedom to be who they are? Strength to persevere? Wisdom for that crucial next step in life?
Whatever you’re longing to say, I Wish for You contains uplifting affirmations that celebrate the best that life has to offer. Its universal themes of chasing your dreams, following your heart, and facing challenges with courage and conviction apply to a wide variety of special occasions, including graduations, baby showers, weddings, and general encouragement during tough times.
When you’re wanting to send more than just a card, give this beautifully written and illustrated gift book to brighten the day of someone you love.    

I Wish for You: Gentle Reminders to Follow Your Heart

SKU: 9780736986281