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It starts out looking like a little tumbleweed in the box, roughly 2� around. Follow the simple instructions and observe a plant that was around in the ice age! Wowsa! Cool! What fun to watch! I wonder how old your plant will be? It could be 50 years old or more! It opens up to look like moss in about 3 hours� time. You really want to follow the instructions carefully. It likes high humidity, but does not do well in a crowded terrarium. Let it dry out, close up, and you can make it open again! I�m fascinated by this plant. ~Sara

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Publisher Description:

These plants have been around since the time of Dinosaurs! At that time, they grew to over 120 feet, much taller than even the Tyrannosaurus Rex! When the ice age came, they mutated and radically changed. They evolved into a little club moss that would blow onto dry land and hibernate, waiting for water. They were blown around until they came upon a puddle. Then, they would use their vascular root system to quickly drink water and would unfurl and turn green within a single day! In fact, they can hibernate for up to fifty years and will still open up and turn green when you place them in water!

Resurrection Plant (Dinosaur Plant)

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