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The Charcoal and Black Happy Birthday Large Landscape Gift Bag Set is an excellent choice to wrap a birthday present or Father's Day present for the men in your life.

A black diagonal plaid design covers the gray background of the large landscape gift bag. An opaque gray band runs along the width of the bag and holds the sentiment in a variegated multi-font design. 

 Happy birthday & many more 

The large size of the bag allows you to place several smaller gifts or one larger item inside. Items that will comfortably fit include a men's sweater, pajama set, three to four books or a coffee mug, and a selection of ground coffee beans. This set covers all your gift-giving needs with the included white satin ribbon handles, two sheets of white tissue paper, and a coordinating card and envelope. 
The card features a white background with the identical sentiment printed in black lettering. 

 Package a special present for your dad, grandparent, or friend in this large gift bag to celebrate their birthday well. The Charcoal and Black Happy Birthday Large Landscape Gift Bag Set will start the special celebration on the right foot. 

  • Large landscape gift bag 
  • Happy Birthday & Many More 
  • Black and charcoal plaid design 
  • White satin ribbon handles 
  • Two sheets of white tissue paper included 
  • Matching blank card with envelope included 
  • Card size: 6" x 4" (152 x 102mm) 
  • Gift bag size: 12.5" x 10" x 3.9" (318 x 254 x 99 mm)

Charcoal/Blue Happy Birthday Large Gift Bag Set

SKU: 003782