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Useful Advice for Expecting Couples
Expecting or adopting couples will appreciate this collection of practical and highly relevant wisdom and wit that will help them manage their expectations, experience grace, and laugh at themselves when things don’t go as planned.
Author Jeff Atwood shares the real-life lessons he and his wife learned while raising their three daughters, the kind of guidance they wish someone would have given them before they had children.  
New moms and dads will be better prepared for parenting with useful advice, including: 

  • Tell your spouse “I love you” a lot during the day, because you might be too exhausted (or too stressed) to remember to say those words at 3 a.m.
  • The past is not an indicator of future performance. Just because your baby did something the same way for the past 30 days, does not mean they will do it the same way in the next 30 days.
  • Your kids need less stuff than you think they do. Nearly everything is disposable or has a very short lifespan. 


Need to Know for New Parents makes an ideal baby shower gift or a great book to read through with your spouse.

Need to Know for New Parents

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