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Stay Breezy Wearable Wireless Cooling Relief… Designed for everyone young & old!


Let's face it, no one likes to be hot, sweaty or overheated. When you’re too hot, it makes work & daily life unbearable, and fun activities not so fun. Keeping this in mind, we created the W Fan, wearable wireless cooling relief.


With global warming on the rise, we’re all responsible for helping to protect the planet. Through little changes in our daily life, we can have a huge impact. By using the W Fan inside to stay cool, there is no need to rely solely on air conditioning, which can help reduce your carbon footprint. With outdoor temperatures on the rise, the W Fan is the perfect eco-friendly way to keep cool.


Ideal for Work & Play…Indoors & Outside

・People who suffer from hot flashes

・Hard working people

・Spectator Sports & Tailgating

・Kids, who never slow down

・Vacationing or avid traveler


The blade-free 2021 W Fan. Made using a sirocco fan, the blade-free 2021 W Fan is ultra quiet and just as powerful as previous W Fans. Engineered and designed to sit comfortably around the neck, the blade-free 2021 W Fan has 5 speeds to choose from and is the ultimate way to stay breezy.


Input Power: DC 5V 1.0A (USB charging system)

Battery (built-in): Nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries 3.6V,


Charging Time: approximately 4 hours

Dimensions: 6.7" x 2.6" x 9.8"

Body Weight: approximately 9.1 oz

Material: Body/ ABS; Arms/ Silicone & Iron, Copper

Accessory: Type-C USB charging cable, Hair Tie

Continuous Operating Time:

Pulse / approximately 5h 20m

Gentle / approximately 10h 10m

Low / approximately 5h 25m

Medium / approximately 3h 35m

High / approximately 2h 20m

Country of Origin: China

Black Blade-Free Fan

SKU: 004003